New Year – New You.

Hypnotherapy is well known in successfully helping people to stop smoking in one simple session, but it can also be used to help in other, tremendously positive ways – from improving confidence and sleep through to easing stress and promoting relaxation.

As we approach 2018 people may be looking at alternative ways to ease the stresses of working, and living, in our modern hectic 24/7 lifestyle. As we take on more and more, we can sometimes find that we struggle to cope, and so stress becomes that unseen burden that can lead us to become anxious, sleepless and prone to anger, or even overeating.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to help to empty ourselves of stress and to be more at peace with the world around us, working to help people move forward in their lives to greater achievements in a relaxed, calm and confident way.

Hypnotherapy is also widely used to help overcome specific phobias, including the fear of flying, heights and other unwanted behaviours which hinder peoples lives.

Please contact me for further details about Hypnotherapy, and start the New Year with a New You.

Struggling to Sleep? Hypnotherapy can help.

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night? Perhaps you struggle to settle down for a decent night’s sleep? Do you find it difficult to sleep as work troubles start to go through your mind?

If the answers to any (or all) of these questions is a resounding ‘yes’ then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may be helpful for you!

A course of sessions is designed to help ease insomnia and help clients have a more restful night’s sleep.

All of us have a metaphorical stress bucket that can easily fill. The more stress we experience, the bigger the load we carry, which can have a negative impact on our emotional wellbeing and our ability to sleep properly.

When you start to sleep, your brain enters a specific state of Rapid Eye Movement, which is often referred to as REM. In very simple terms, this state often allows us to empty our ‘stress buckets’, but if there is too much in your ‘bucket’, you may find yourself waking up and being unable to go back to sleep!

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by encouraging more positive thinking, so reducing the stress levels someone may be experiencing through problems at work or relationship-based issues.

Each session lasts for an hour and contains around 20 minutes of hypnosis which encourages Rapid Eye Movement to occur for the client – so allowing their ‘stress bucket’ levels to drop. In turn, over a period of time, the client should start to see their sleep patterns improve.

The Initial Consultation provides a full explanation of how the therapy works and how it can improve our sleep patterns and improve other aspects of our life.

For further information on this or any other aspect of hypnotherapy, please feel free to call or email.

Are you in Fear of Flying?

As the Summer is near and the holiday season approaches, many people will be dreaming of jetting off for their annual holiday to a place of warmth and sun. Unfortunately for some people, this idea remains just that – a dream – as they fear the journey needed to reach it.

Whether it’s a feeling of discomfort or a phobia, perhaps Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to feel calmer and more in control about flying, leaving you free to roam the world as you please.

Using a process called The Rewind Technique, Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome that fear or phobia which has been holding you back for so long.

Using this trusted technique which normally consists of three to four sessions, Hypnotherapy can help a person feel more confident about flying, with the sole aim of aiding them to board a plane in a more calm and relaxed state.

Hypnotherapy can also help people overcome other specific phobic responses – which can range from flying through to a fear of spiders or heights.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help ease stress, improve confidence, aid in weight management, and can help people to quit smoking.

Please contact me should you require further information.

Relaxation Sessions

With Christmas nearly upon us and the pace of life stepping up a gear we can begin to feel quite anxious, especially as the Winter sets in and the daytime hours get shorter.

Some of us may notice we are feeling more tired and letting things get us down as our ‘stress bucket’ levels start to increase.

Modern life and the pressures of juggling work, finance, family, and relationships can take their toll and may make us feel overwhelmed, which affects our ability to function.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by effectively reducing our ‘stress bucket’ levels through positive thinking. Hypnosis follows, which encourages a process called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) – whereby the brain effectively empties some of its own stress bucket levels.

Over a number of sessions, the client should start to notice their stress levels have dropped and they can start to feel calmer, more positive, and relaxed about life and how they react to situations at work and at home.
During the build up to Christmas, I am offering half price Relaxation sessions which would need to be booked by 15th December. Please message me for more details.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve sleep, aid in weight management, reduce phobias and fears, and help people to stop smoking.

Are ‘E’ Cigarettes Harming your Health?

It is becoming increasingly clear that there are dangers to using ‘E’ Cigarettes, not only for the smoker, but for the second hand inhalation of the non smoker. It is not exactly known what is in these alternatives, but the possibility of even reduced levels of toxic, cancer-causing chemicals, (including anti-freeze), should not make the consumer feel these chemicals are ‘safe’. The flavours are also a concern, as they are listed as ‘safe’ for use in food. The manufacturers are therefore, misleading the public into believing they are fine to ‘inhale’, without prior testing.

The companies that sell Cigarettes and tobacco alternatives are relying on the myth that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Yet most independent scientists would agree that the actual physically addictive aspect constitutes about 10% – the other 90%, is in the mind. This explains why people can go to bed at night and not smoke until the morning, fly on an aircraft for hours at a time, watch a movie in the cinema or even have a lengthy stay in hospital without smoking a cigarette, yet the public is constantly being conned by the Pharmaceutical companies into believing they have an addiction, in order to promote their products.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome this belief by understanding how the pattern of craving a cigarette was mistakenly created in the mind, and altering the mind’s view of smoking. By understanding how the mind works, how it has been incorrectly programmed into believing that ‘smoking helps’ – you can start to see a future smoke free.
Hypnotherapy can help a range of issues and unwanted behaviours, from Phobias, Sleep Disturbances, Anxiety and Depression. Please call me for a Consultation Free of Charge.

Are you Suffering with Pain?

Do you suffer with constant or intermittent pain?  Is it affecting your life and lowering your mood?

In our body we can experience different sensations and degrees of pain depending on the threat to our survival and immediate possible damage being caused.  Chronic and persistent pain such as burning, tingling, numbness and throbbing can become a tiresome and frustrating experience and can sometimes start to affect a person’s mood.  As the mood worsens, our anxiety begins to increase and we release adrenaline and other stress hormones such as Cortisol, which pump up the activity of the nerve fibres.  This then increases the pain messages reaching the brain, increasing our sensations.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help by lowering stress levels and redirecting negative thought patterns, which in turn increases the positive/happy brain chemicals such as Seratonin.  A constant flow of Seratonin in our system and other positive neurotransmitters helps to interrupt the pain messages sent to the brain, which will then lessen our pain response.

If you are suffering from pain or any medical issues, you must first be directed to a fully qualified Doctor, which we are qualified to work alongside.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also help with Sleep Issues, Weight Management, Confidence Concerns and Phobias.  Please contact me for a Free Initial Consultation.

Weight Management for Easter

Now Easter is approaching and we have a few days off work, who can resist the Chocolate Eggs and sweet treats that can very quickly lead to over indulgence and weight gain.  For people who already have a certain amount of weight to lose, this time of year can create more anxiety and further strain on their Will power!

If you need that extra help in weight management to help you through this indulgent time of the year, then it could be beneficial to book in for a Free Initial Consultation, which will explain how Hypnotherapy can benefit you.
When stress and anxiety in our every day lives reach certain levels, we find it much easier to make bad food choices, and once this happens, people find it harder to get back on track. Our brain can sometimes trick us into thinking a sugar fix is all we need, when in fact a more healthier choice of food such as fruit will do the trick.
When we are calm and relaxed and our stress levels have been reduced, our attitude towards life changes and we are better equipped to eat better foods.

During sessions, the mind is steered away from problem thinking and negative situations, and therefore emotional eating patterns stop.  The sessions are 60 minutes long, and the first half of this time is used to encourage positive thought. You are then guided into hypnosis where you will feel deeply relaxed, and the brain can then cement the work done preceding this.  Eight to twelve sessions are recommended, and most people find they make the necessary changes very quickly.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve confidence and sleep patterns, ease anger and anxiety based issues, and also in focusing someone’s mind on quitting smoking in a single session.
Please call or message me for an appointment.

Do you suffer with OCD?

Do you ever struggle with unwanted, intrusive, negative thoughts?  Perhaps sometimes find yourself checking that the front door is locked or ensuring the kettle is definitely switched off for the umpteenth time?

Is obsessive thinking getting in the way of leading a positive life?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you may find Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to ease your mind away from thinking endless negative thoughts which can lead to, in extreme cases, people struggling to leave their own home.
As our daily lives are increasingly stressful in the modern world, sometimes, our brains struggle to adapt to the challenges we face and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can result.

As such, our brains try to protect us by re-checking things again and again, or introducing obsessive thinking into our lives.  Negative thoughts then end up in our Stress Bucket which can sometimes overflow!
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy aims to empty the stress bucket, allowing the client to have a more relaxed and confident outlook to their life which, in turn, helps them to stop worrying and focus on the positive aspects of life as a whole.

An initial consultation explains how the brain works and how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be beneficial.
Each session is designed to focus the mind into a mode of positive thinking prior to entering the trance state, which is designed to be relaxing and soothing.

The number of sessions to help people who have feelings for strong negative compulsions can vary and, obviously, as with any medical issue then it is important to remember that your GP is also there to help.    
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve sleep, aid in weight management, reduce phobias and fears, and help people to stop smoking.

New Year’s Resolutions

If you are beginning to think ahead to the New Year, then perhaps there are areas of your life you would like to change.  There are many benefits to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which can help you begin to achieve your goals.

Perhaps you’d like to lose weight and take control of what you eat.  Maybe you want to feel less stressed and snappy, and begin the year feeling calmer and more relaxed. Maybe you’ve a smoking habit you’d like to stop, or conquer a long standing fear.

Hypnotherapy can help with all of these issues by taking small steps, to create a long term solution to your problems.  You’ll find the benefits of the therapy endless as you begin to relax and take control of your life.
If  your New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking, this can be achieved in one single session.

For weight management, a number of sessions will be required to regain a healthy outlook to food.  When you are happy and in control, your food choices improve, along with your weight, by simply changing your mindset and the way you think.

Hypnotherapy can help in many areas of your life, including improved sleep, confidence building and reducing stress.
For further information or to book an Initial Consultation, please call Debbie on 07985 144541.

Do you Struggle with your Weight?

Are you finding it hard to stay balanced and on track with your eating habits?  Gaining control and losing weight can be achieved with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, safely and effectively.

By attending a number of sessions, you begin to make informed decisions on the food types you choose as you regain your control.  The therapy helps by lessening the amount of stress in your life and lowering the levels piling into your stress bucket.  When these levels overflow, we can start to find ourselves indulging in bad eating habits and comfort eating, which is merely a coping mechanism.

When we are in a trance state, we are replicating the natural process of REM Sleep which lowers your stress levels, and only when your bucket starts to contain less stress can you begin to feel calmer and back in control of your cravings, which would otherwise see you reaching for the chocolate.

During each session, we will work together to focus on positive goals to help reduce stress, the hypnosis will then cement our discussions so you are able to see a difference and move forwards.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help someone quit smoking in a one-off session, and aid people to overcome their fears. It can be used in a variety of ways from helping with stress management through to aiding with sleep and improving confidence.

Please feel free to contact me for an Initial Consultation without charge.

Free Relaxation CD to New Clients

I am offering a FREE hypnotherapy Relaxation CD to help new clients to reduce stress and promote feelings of well being.  The CD, which lasts for around 40 minutes is a combination of soothing music and positive affirmations to aid relaxation and promote sleep.  Voiced by myself, the CD is designed to be listened to before you go to sleep, and can be helpful when used in conjunction with regular sessions, in aiding in weight, sleep, and anger management issues.  (The CD should not be played in the car or when operating machinery).  It can also be helpful to use during the daytime if you have a spare half an hour or so.

In our hectic world, our brains can often respond to situations we perceive to be stressful in a manner that can prove to be bad for our mental wellbeing and overall health.

When we start to build up a pattern of negative thinking, we are adding to our Stress Bucket.

When our Stress Bucket overflows, we may discover issues start to invade our lives and manifest themselves in a variety of ways, from anxiety and stress-related illnesses through to eating issues or anger.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which is a natural part of our sleeping cycle, helps to reduce our Stress Bucket levels. REM is limited and if there is a lot in our Stress Bucket, we can find ourselves waking up early (or not being able to sleep at all).

This response, in turn, makes the negative thinking worse, which adds to the Stress Bucket and the negative responses become further enforced.

The free CD, in conjunction with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions are designed to aid relaxation by focusing on positive solutions and then replicating REM in a trance state – which is a safe and effective way to alleviate stress.

It is found that after a number of sessions, many clients, who have been using the CD on a regular basis in-between coming to see me, will often say that they are feeling more relaxed and that they are seeing benefits to aspects of their lives.

The CD and sessions combined together are designed to focus the brain into finding solutions in the client’s life, which means that the therapy does not delve into past events, or issues.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help with minor phobias and can be of assistance in helping someone stop smoking in one simple session.
Please contact me to book an appointment.

Stress in the Workplace

Cutting down on substantial levels of stress in the workplace isn’t just good sense for business as it has a beneficial effect on employees, but it can also help staff morale and improve productivity.

Workplace stress can manifest itself in a variety of different ways – not just in the office but also at home and socially.

There are parts of our brains that are very adept at dealing with the perception of threats and our negative reactions to stress are an evolutionary coping mechanism which might not be helpful in our day to day lives.

People who struggle with stress in the office may find they have anger issues or that they struggle with sleep patterns – perhaps becoming insular in their thinking.

A key part of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is the safe use of a trance state which is a natural way to aid in the reduction of stress so that, after a number of sessions, the client can start to feel better placed to cope with life.

Some clients have also found that it helps to improve their thinking ability, productivity and confidence – both in and out of the workplace.

By emptying the stress bucket, we allow the brain a greater degree for flexibility in being able to think positively, act positively and interact in a productive fashion.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help to take control over other aspects of our lives, ranging from stopping smoking through to reducing phobias and weight management.

Please contact me for further information.