Fees and Sessions

The Initial Consultation will take approximately 50 minutes.  Here we have the opportunity to discuss your concerns from which I am able to assess if/how hypnotherapy can help you. It will also allow us to build rapport and decide on our suitability to work together.  A brief history is taken before I explain how the brain works with regard to your particular problem. It is from our subconscious mind that all negative thoughts and actions are created, and by understanding how the brain works, the first step has been taken to facilitate change. I will then discuss hypnosis and how daily listening to my CD (from the download page) can encourage more restful sleep and aid the therapy. 

How many sessions are needed varies greatly depending on how quickly progress is made, I therefore do not suggest a set amount of sessions and take your lead. 

Subsequent sessions
These sessions last 50 minutes where we begin by reviewing positive thoughts, leading onto solution focused conversation to facilitate small, positive change. This is then followed by hypnosis which is extremely relaxing and will cement the psychotherapy preceding this.

These consist of an Initial Consultation followed by three further sessions, the first involving a relaxing familiarisation of hypnosis, then the use of the Rewind Technique, leading on to the final session of Reframe. 

Stop Smoking
This is a 1.5hr therapy session involving hypnosis. A strong desire to stop is required.


Initial Consultation £30.00
Further sessions including Reframe £60.00

Stop Smoking £150.00

Fees can be paid by cash or card prior to, or at the appointment using a card machine.  Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards accepted.

Hypnotherapy results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

It is recommended that you consult with your Doctor before having complementary therapies, including Hypnotherapy, especially if receiving medical treatment of any kind.

If attending Hypnotherapy for weight loss, it is inadvisable if you have a history of a diagnosed eating disorder. 

Please note the 24hours Notice of Cancellation that is required to prevent a further charge.