Fees and Sessions

The Initial Consultation will take approximately 45-60 minutes. Here we can discuss the situation that you would like to change and how hypnotherapy can help you. A brief history will be taken before I show you how the brain works, which will immediately explain how your particular problem has evolved. It is from our subconscious mind that all negative thoughts and actions are created, and by understanding how the brain works, the first step has been taken to facilitate change. I will then discuss how hypnosis works and how daily listening to my CD (from the download page) can encourage more restful sleep and help with the therapy.

Subsequent sessions
These sessions last 50min to 1 hr, where we begin by reviewing positive thoughts, leading onto a range of solution focused questioning to facilitate small, positive change. This is then followed by hypnosis which is extremely relaxing and will cement the psychotherapy preceding this.

These sessions consist of an Initial Consultation followed by three further sessions, which involve the Rewind Technique and Reframe.

Stop Smoking
This is a 1.5hr therapy session involving hypnosis. A strong desire to stop is required.


Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, or credit card using the PayPal Buy Now buttons below.

Cash or Cheque Credit/Debit Card*
Initial Consultation £30.00 £31.00
Follow-up sessions
including Phobias
£60.00 £62.00
Stop Smoking £150.00 £155.00

* Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards accepted.