Weight Loss

The issue of weight! There are many reasons that could stand in the way of you making the right choices with regard to food and your feelings around exercise.

Consciously, you know what to do – but somehow the self sabotaging cycle keeps revolving and your desire for a fit and healthy body feels impossible to achieve.

Maybe it’s a habit that you finish off the leftovers? Or that you feel you have to eat everything that’s put on your plate?¬†There could be a whole host of reasons why, from feelings of low self esteem and confidence, using food to escape a real issue that you’re not ready to deal with, or that simply you just don’t have the time to think ‘healthy’ when you’re shopping.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can lead your thoughts completely away from food, lowering your levels of any anxieties that could be standing in your way and improve your confidence and outlook.  Improving motivation will allow you to make positive changes to the way you think, and in turn, lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy is not a ‘magic’ therapy, it will take effort and a true desire to change, but when you begin to feel the ‘you’ you’ve always wanted to be – that impossible dream can now become reality.


Please note – If attending Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, it is inadvisable if you have a history of a diagnosed eating disorder (e.g. Anorexia).