Are ‘E’ Cigarettes Harming your Health?


It is becoming increasingly clear that there are dangers to using ‘E’ Cigarettes, not only for the smoker but for the second hand inhalation of the non smoker. It is not exactly known what is in these alternatives, but the possibility of even reduced levels of toxic, cancer-causing chemicals, (including anti-freeze), should not make the consumer feel these chemicals are ‘safe’. The flavours are also a concern, as they are listed as ‘safe’ for use in food. The manufacturers are therefore misleading the public into believing they are fine to ‘inhale’, without prior testing.

The companies that sell Cigarettes and tobacco alternatives are relying on the myth that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Yet most independent scientists would agree that the actual physically addictive aspect constitutes about 10% – the other 90%, is in the mind. This explains why people can go to bed at night and not smoke until the morning, fly on an aircraft for hours at a time, watch a movie in the cinema or even have a lengthy stay in hospital without smoking a cigarette, yet the public is constantly being conned by the Pharmaceutical companies into believing they have an addiction in order to promote their products.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome this belief by understanding how the pattern of craving a cigarette was mistakenly created in the mind, and altering the mind’s view of smoking. By understanding how the mind works, how it has been incorrectly programmed into believing that ‘smoking helps’ – you can start to see a future smoke free.

Hypnotherapy can help a range of issues and unwanted behaviours, from Phobias, Sleep Disturbances, Anxiety and Depression. Please call me for further details.