People suffering with a lack of confidence and low self esteem can feel trapped and held back by limiting beliefs. Having feelings that your opinion is not as important or right, that others can do it better and you’ll never be good enough.

You could have spent the majority of your life feeling under confident when it comes to working situations for example, or in relationships, or when trying to meet someone new perhaps. It appears to be impossible to shake off.

It’s a sad fact that some of these unhealthy beliefs have been instilled in us by others, said so often that we then begin to believe it and it becomes our own living reality. We stop making efforts to move our lives forward, remain ‘stuck’, taking the easy option because it feels safer, missing out on so many opportunities.

Yet having feelings of confidence and a strong sense of self are the most important  attributes to attain a happy and positive life.

When we lack confidence we stand in the background, don’t look people in the eye, don’t stand up for ourselves and be assertive, we shy away from, stay in the safety zone and never push our boundaries.

The most wonderful thing to note is that most of these beliefs about ourselves are inaccurate and simply not true.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way of helping you to get back to who you truly are, the you that’s been hidden. Having the confidence to take that first step is all you need.  Please feel free to call me if you would like further information or to book an appointment.