Do you have a Needle Phobia?

Having a child of my own who suffered with a needle phobia, I understand the anxiety, worry and fear an impending injection appointment can bring. No rational, logical discussion will change the mind of anyone with a phobia and it took up to 7 hospital visits before my child eventually agreed to sit down in the chair to do it, and this time it didn’t hurt. Phew. If only I’d become a phobia therapist sooner!

There are different types of needle phobias, all brought about for different reasons, but however your phobia developed, it is not your fault. It is your wonderful primitive brain at work ensuring you remain safe, which to your mind is as far away from needles as possible.

When an experience feels or is observed as an extreme threat to your wellbeing, your mind decides the best option is to stop this experience becoming a processed memory. This keeps all the triggers in the forefront of your mind so you will never put yourself in that situation again.

With the help of Rewind, this unprocessed experience can be moved into memory where it is filed away and only accessed if you choose to revisit it, and although it is natural to want to avoid injections, you’ll feel calmer and more able to cope when a time arises for you to need one.

There are so many wonderful benefits to injections, vaccinations being one of them. To feel completely safe from a virus that could potentially be life threatening to some, it is now not necessary to avoid it through fear.

Please do get in touch with me if this is you. I have discounted rates available and am happy to accept a donation if money is an issue at this time. Please call Debbie on 07802 224787.