Relaxation Recording/Download

You will find a free Relaxation recording/download on this site to help you to reduce stress and promote feelings of well being.  The recording which lasts for around 40 minutes is a combination of soothing music and positive affirmations to aid relaxation and promote sleep.  Voiced by myself, it is designed to be listened to before you go to sleep, and can be helpful when used in conjunction with regular sessions or alone.

(Please note: it should not be played in the car or when operating machinery).

It can also be helpful to use during the daytime if you have the time as the relaxing affects will continue throughout the day.

In our hectic world, our brains can often respond to situations we perceive to be stressful in a manner that can prove to be bad for our mental wellbeing and overall health.

When we start to build up a pattern of negative thinking we are adding to our stress levels which build in our minds in a metaphorical ‘stress bucket’.

When our stress bucket overflows we may discover issues start to invade our lives and manifest themselves in a variety of ways, from anxiety and stress-related illnesses through to eating issues or anger.

Rapid eye movement (REM), which is a natural part of our sleeping cycle, helps to reduce our stress levels. REM is limited and if there is a lot in our Stress Bucket, we can find ourselves waking up early (or not being able to sleep at all).

This response in turn, makes the negative thinking worse, which adds to the bucket and the negative responses become further enforced.

The free recording in conjunction with solution focused sessions are designed to aid relaxation by focusing on positive solutions and then replicating REM in a trance state – which is a safe and effective way to alleviate stress.

It is found that after a number of sessions, many clients who have been using the download on a regular basis in-between coming to see me, will often say that they are feeling more relaxed and that they are seeing benefits to aspects of their lives.

Please contact me if you would like the passcode to the recording and/or to book a session.