Low Mood

Having a low mood can happen to all of us at varying times of our lives, making us feel sad or unhappy. Events can take place which can leave us feeling naturally low, or sometimes there might be no reason at all. Fortunately these feelings often pass quite quickly and we regain a more positive state, allowing us to carry on in our usual way.

When the low mood is prolonged it can start to have a negative affect on your every day life.

There are varying forms of feelings, your life might seem more of an effort, or it can be more deep rooted, with feelings of hopelessness and despair, your life then beginning to feel an uphill struggle, affecting relationships, working and social life, with feelings of an inability to cope.

Hypnotherapy can help you naturally move into a more positive state of being, helping you regain your optimism and find moments of happiness over time. One small moment is where it all begins.