A phobia is an irrational reaction to something which would otherwise, generally, be harmless.  It can develop naturally from a frightening experience or be a learned behaviour from observing the reactions of others.

Most people have a certain amount of fear to some degree, but when these fears start to interfere with our every day life it can have a huge impact on us and those around us.


We start to live our lives based around the fear, avoiding certain places, animals or situations, fully aware of our inability to cope if faced in their direction.

The phobia is the brain’s way of keeping you safe, making you avoid that stimulus at whatever cost.  But when our lives are affected to such a degree we need to help the brain process the situation to enable us to carry on living our lives in a comfortable way.

Hypnotherapy can help you do this by using a process called Rewind.

This helps you change the memory and move it to a place where it can be controlled.  We then reframe the memory which will allow you to have a more valid response to that stimulus.

Living with fear is debilitating. In as little as one session your life could be changed in a way that allows you to live again, freely.

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