If you, or someone you know is suffering with the distress of PTSD or Trauma, I hope you can spare a moment to please read on. Regaining control of your thoughts and memories without their daily intrusion is what I hope to help you with. The most wonderful thing is the realisation that you do not have to talk about your experience in order for it to be treated. I can help you to lock away those memories, which will only reappear should you choose to revisit them.

What causes PTSD

When we think of PTSD it is quite common to think only of combat veterans, but it can apply to anyone who has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event which begins to hinder their every day life.

It can even set in after the death of a loved one if they died in traumatic circumstances.

When we experience natural levels of anxiety our brain will process the experience and move it to a more suitable area where it can be controlled. When we suffer trauma, the brain can stop this process so the experience floats around with nowhere to go, and any smells, sights or sounds involved in this moment can trigger flashbacks and panic.

It is usual for PTSD not to be diagnosed before one month after the event to give your brain time to work through the experience naturally.

Symptoms of PTSD

There are many symptoms of PTSD which can include intrusive thoughts, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, flashbacks, anxiety, feeling on constant alert, anger, depression, avoidance of certain places or situations. There can even be a delay after an event before symptoms can occur.


Using a process called Rewind which will be fully explained, treatment for PTSD is quick and can be done in one session without the need to discuss the traumatic event. Even if the trauma happened many years ago it is never too late to be helped.

Closure without Disclosure in one session.

Please do call me so we can work together to regain control of your life.