Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

 Seasonal Affective Disorder is otherwise viewed as a certain type of Depression that occurs at certain times of the year and can begin to interfere with your every day life.

During the Winter months when days are short, there is less time to feel the benefits of natural sunlight.  This is when most people experience the symptoms of SAD.

SAD can bring on unpleasant symptoms of which include a persistently low mood, feeling tearful, increased appetite, perhaps some anxiety and a general lack of enthusiasm for every day life. You may feel unable to concentrate and have no energy.

SAD is believed to have a link to the lack of exposure to sunlight of which is more common the darker months.

If you feel you are suffering from this condition then it is always best to seek help from a medical professional.  Taking small steps to improve your mood naturally may include trying to spend as much time outside as possible and exercising, both of which can positively boost your mood.

Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful way of helping with the affects of SAD

As so often, having a low mood leads to unhelpful thinking patterns. The more negative thoughts we have, the more we start to build up anxiety in the brain, which interferes with sleep and leads to further exhaustion.

Hypnotherapy helps to lower anxiety levels, which in turn aids sleep and allows our positive brain to engage. During hypnosis we have access to our subconscious mind, this is where new ways of thinking can be created, we can gain a new perspective and we are less likely to feel that debilitating low mood.

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