Stop Smoking

Now that Smoking is illegal in most areas it has very much become unacceptable, and people wishing to smoke have to abstain or go outside making it far less appealing. We also know the consequences and dangers of smoking with warnings and advice on every cigarette packet bought, but despite all of these things it can still feel a hard habit to break, one needing much more than willpower alone.

Many people can feel guilty about having started smoking in the first place but whatever reason that was, the decision you made then might not be suiting you now.

To give up smoking, you need to decide that it is the right thing for you, that your reasons to stop are yours alone and that you feel ready. It is important that you feel this way, as hypnotherapy is not able to change your inner feelings and beliefs unless it is what you truly want. This will give you the best chance of success and be finally free of smoking.

For most people, the health related issues are the main reasons why they would like to give up, maybe you’ve tried to stop in the past and restarted, but the fact you stopped once means you can do this again.  It means you’ve realised that smoking is a choice you make, and as long as you keep walking in the right direction, with the right motivation you can be free of smoke for life.

Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking in one simple session, but you will know if one session is the right way for you. Should you feel two sessions to be more beneficial then whatever works best for you is the way forward.  Hypnosis works by bypassing conscious thought and working with the subconscious mind, which is where the habit of smoking was originally formed. It is here that we can then bring a new and more appropriate response to cigarettes allowing you to be smoke free for good.

It really is possible to finally quit.

Please call me for more information if you wish and I will happily talk through the process.

The use of my CD download can also be your own personal resource for future use.

Please note, hypnosis is not a magic therapy, you must have a strong desire to stop in order to give yourself the best chance of success.