Struggling in Lockdown

Throughout this Coronavirus pandemic, life has become very difficult for so many people during lockdown. With social distancing from friends and family, restricted shopping trips and limited time allowed outdoors, our mental health could start to feel compromised.

Regardless of the varying circumstances people find themselves, there are many ways that we can try to keep our mental health in tact and maintain our wellbeing. There is evidence supporting the importance of a daily routine to keep a sense of normality, daily exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep, alongside finding ways to keep in contact with loved ones through video links.

There will be many who feel this just isn’t enough though, so it is therefore very important to seek help. If you feel a change in your mental well-being and it is starting to interfere with your normal daily life then don’t be afraid to ask for support. There are many therapies that can be delivered either by telephone or online and it is important that you don’t feel alone at this time.

I am also available for help if anyone feels they are struggling to cope. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, we are all in this together and I will do my best to help you any way I can. Please call or email me for any further information.