Weight Management

Now Easter is approaching and we have a few days off work, who can resist the Chocolate Eggs and sweet treats that can very quickly lead to over indulgence and weight gain.  For people who already have a certain amount of weight to lose, this time of year can create more anxiety and further strain on their Will power!

If you need that extra help in weight management to help you through this indulgent time of the year, then Hypnotherapy could be beneficial.

When stress and anxiety in our every day lives reach certain levels, we find it much easier to make bad food choices and once this happens, people find it harder to get back on track. Our brain can sometimes trick us into thinking a sugar fix is all we need, when in fact a more healthier choice of food such as fruit will do the trick.

When we are calm and relaxed and our stress levels have been reduced, our attitude towards life changes and we are better equipped to eat better foods.

During sessions, the mind is steered away from problem thinking and negative situations, and therefore emotional eating patterns stop.  The sessions are 50 minutes long and the first half of this time is used to encourage positive thought. You are then guided into hypnosis where you will feel deeply relaxed and the brain can cement the previous discussion.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve confidence and sleep patterns, ease anger and anxiety based issues, and also in focusing someone’s mind on quitting smoking in a single session.

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